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Updated, March 21, 2017

The Guam Legislative Freedom of Information Advisory Council is an advisory council in the legislative branch to encourage and facilitate compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

The Council will consist of 12 members including the Attorney General of Guam, representatives of the media, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government as well as members of the General Public. Within one month this Council will be in place and will offer our people more access to their government.

Currently, the only option for a citizen of Guam who feels an agency is not being forthright with public documents is to get an attorney and file a lawsuit. Under the new Guam Legislative Freedom of Information Advisory Council, a member of the public can seek redress from the council. Also the council will identify which government of Guam agencies are not in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Government Law and they will issue advisories and opinions. The Council also will provide public training on the local Sunshine laws and will publish documents and guidelines as needed. They will also review all local Sunshine laws and make suggestions for changes in legislation to make our government more open and transparent to the people of Guam.

The Council was established via Legislative Rules Resolution No. 330-32 (COR). A copy of the resolution can be found here.

Meeting Dates
The Guam Legislative Freedom of Information Advisory Council will hold its next meeting at 10am on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at the Legislature’s Public Hearing Room..

Meeting Agendas/Notices
October 15, 2014 Meeting notice
September 15, 2014 Meeting recessed
September 15, 2014 Meeting notice
September 15, 2014 Agenda
June 3, 2014 Meeting Notice
May 20, 2014 Meeting Agenda
May 20, 2014 Meeting Notice
April 30, 2014 Meeting Agenda
April 30, 2014 Meeting Notice

Approved Meeting Minutes
June 3, 2014 Meeting Minutes
May 20, 2014 Meeting Minutes
April 30, 2014 Meeting Minutes

File a Complaint
Members of the public can contact the Guam Legislative Freedom of Information Advisory Council if they feel or believe that they are being denied public information. Please contact to file your complaint.

Official Complaint Form
Click here to download the form

Official Respondent's Form
Click here to download the form

Internal Operations Procedures
Click here to download the procedures

Complaints Subcommittee Minutes
Meeting of 6.16.14

News Release
6.3.14 FOIA Council Adopts Internal Operations Procedures
4.30.14 FOIA Council News Release Flores Appointed Vice Chair
4.29.14 FOIA Council First Meeting
3.23.14 FOIA Council Website
3.21.14 FOIA Council Members Appointed
3.16.14 FOIA Council Approved

4.14.14 Respicio Letter to Gov Re: Appointments
3.20.14 Letter to Governor
3.20.14 Letter to Speaker
3.20.14 Letter to Attorney General
3.20.14 Letter to Judiciary of Guam
3.20.14 Letter to Legislature

FIOA Council In the News
FOIA Council reconvenes - May 20, 2014
VIDEO: FOIA Council Draft Reports Conclude FOIA Violations in Ridgell and McNich Cases, But No Vote Taken, Pending Approval of Rules – May 20, 2014
Reporter alleges that meeting wasn't valid – May 14, 2014
Validity of Mayors Vote on Resolution Supporting H.R. 4402 Called Into Question - May 13, 2014
FOIA council meets, hears first complaint - May 1, 2014
FOIA Council Elects Vice Chair and Establishes Subcommittees - April 30, 2014
FOIA Council Meets for the First Time - April 30, 2014
Inaugural Meeting of the FOIA Council Will Be Held WEDNESDAY - April 29, 2014
Parties free to choose their candidates - April 28, 2014
Three significant issues - April 21, 2014
UOG Faculty Senate Tables Closed Meeting Proposal; McNinch Approves - April 17, 2014
Faculty Feud Brewing at UOG - April 16, 2014
FOIA panel to look into complaint - April 12, 2014
Dr. McNinch Asks FOIA Council if Open Government Law Applies to UOG Faculty Senate - April 8, 2014
FOIA website now up - March 24, 2014
Respicio: FOIA Council Members Appointed - March 22, 2014
Respicio Announces That His Proposed FOIA Council Resolution Has Been "Officially Adopted" - March 17, 2014
Freedom of Information Advisory Council OK'd - March 17, 2014
Respicio calls out administration - March 11, 2014
Acting Speaker Respicio Proposes FOIA Council Claiming Calvo Administration "Shrouded in Dark Secrecy" - March 11, 2014


  • Senator Rory J. Respicio
  • Senator Anthony Ada
  • Senator Tom Ada
  • Sophia Santos Diaz, Esq.
  • Jayne Flores
  • Barry Mead
  • Pat Mason, Esq.
  • Rindraty Limtiaco
  • Maureen Maratita
  • Jeffery Tomas Marchesseault
  • Robert Klitzkie, Esq.
  • Troy Torres
  • Gary W.F. Gumataotao, Esq.

    Contact Information
    The Guam Legislative Freedom of Information Advisory Council can be contacted at:
    155 Hesler Place
    Hagatna, Guam 96910
    Phone: (671) 472-7679
    Fax: (671) 472-3547

    Applicable Laws
    Guam Freedom of Information Act
    Guam Open Government Act

    Open Government Tips
    FOIA Post
    Brechner Center
    Coalition for Open Government
    Virginia FOIA Advisory Council

    FOIA Documents for January 5, 2016 - Please Click Here

    FOIA Documents for January 13, 2016 - Please Click Here

    FOIA Documents for January 19, 2016 - Request to Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D.

    FOIA Documents for January 20, 2016 - Request to Vice Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz

    Capitol District Fund Documents for January 27, 2016

    OPA Report No. 06-01. Performance Audit of the Guam Legislature's Capitol District Fund

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