a)     A list of senators and the amounts they were paid in retroactive pay raises as a result of the transfer of $725,000 from the General Fund to the Legislature by Gov. Calvo, upon your request in order to avoid a payless payday at the Legislature.
b)    .All personnel actions of senators indicating a retroactive pay raise anytime between November 2014 and March 2015.
c)    A list of senators, employees, and former employees who cashed in unused annual leave hours since December 31, 2012.
d)    All personnel actions indicating payments to senators, employees, and former employees in excess of normal pay period compensation, to include lump sum payout of unused annual leave hours.converted to pay since December 31, 2012.
e)    The balances of senatorial appropriated accounts as of September 30, 2015, indicating the balances of lapsed funds.
f)    . All of the latest bank statements from the accounts where senators and the central office, or the Legislature as a whole, are hording lapses. If such accounts commingle lapses with operational funding or other types of funding, please indicate the amounts specific to lapses.


  • All requests (or forms) filed by senators, employees, and former employees for the use of annual leave hours from the start of the 33rd Guam Legislature.

  • All contracts for services executed in the Guam Legislature during this term.

  • A tally and names of employees who do not contribute to the Government of Guam Retirement Fund.



    Furthermore, I am interested in knowing how Ms. Terlaje was awarded this services contract. Pursuant to the authority granted by the Sunshine Reform Act of 1999 (5 GCA § 10103), please provide all public documents pertaining to the legal procurement of Ms. Terlaje's contract for services. Please be reminded that no contracts for services in the executive branch can be issued for compensation that exceeds $15,000 without a competitive bidding process. If Ms. Terlaje's services were procured without a competitive process, please provide the authority the Legislature has to circumvent the law, and please confirm whether the Legislature exempted itself from the procurement process.


  • All documents related to senatorial compensation, including but not limited to paystubs, check copies, payroll records, and personnel actions since January I, 2013

  • All records, including memoranda, requests, and approvals for transfers of funds between individual offices of the Legislature since January 1, 2013

  • The quarterly budget status report (BSR) for each and every office, division, and section, including each senatorial office, the Office of Finance and Budget, and central operations of the Legislature over the past 16 quarters.